Clients We’ve Represented

Representation of McDonnell Douglas in a suit alleging mischarging of labor hours by its employees under government contracts for military aircraft. Our qualified lawyers moved for a protective order on the grounds that certain contacts by government attorneys and agents with McDonnell Douglas employees were prohibited by Rule 4.2 of the Missouri Rules of Professional Conduct, which governs communications with persons represented by counsel. The government contended, however, that the regulation promulgated by the Attorney General excepted federal government attorneys from the Missouri Rule. The United States District Court found for McDonnell Douglas, holding that the regulation was promulgated without statutory authority. This ruling is on appeal to the United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit. In the appeal, McDonnell Douglas’s position has been joined in by the Conference of Chief Justices, an association of the Chief Justices of the highest courts for each of the fifty States, the District of Columbia, and territories of the United States. We’ve also represented the best company picnic venues NJ.

Represented Prairie Farms Dairy, Inc. in a three-week federal criminal jury trial involving allegations of bid-rigging and price-fixing. The trial resulted in the acquittal of the company, its subsidiary and all four of its executives.

Represented numerous employees and executives of Caremark International, Inc. during a four-year national investigation of alleged violations of state and federal anti-kickback laws. The firm also represented many of the same employees and executives in the ensuing civil litigation involving allegations of (in separate cases) securities violations, billing irregularities and other practices.

Represented the director and former president of an environmental products company indicted on charges of making false claims to the government in connection with a government contract.

Represented a brass sheet vendor.

Represented an Orlando event marketing company.